Merge Legions

50 000 + Installs


Merge. Build. Fight. WIN. Glorify your Kingdom. Want to prove yourself for real? Join an exciting adventure and become a LEGENDARY leader! MATCH and MERGE everything and everyone you can find to gather the most powerful LEGION of hundreds of EPIC creatures!

The Kingdom is invaded! Everything is in ruins! What to do?

PLAY Merge Legions! You've never seen such a merge game. Conquering territories side by side with the development of your own kingdom. Fight in epic massive battles side by side with the gathering of the greatest army in the universe! ALL, absolutely all creatures can be MERGED and turned into stronger, more tactical or even unique ones.

Let's get merging!

  • MERGE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! Merge every building, every creature, every item. Get something new every time and power up your kingdom, army and your own authority.

  • GATHER A LEGION! Choose from HUNDREDS of creatures that will ensure you victory. Infantry, Orcs, Archers, Snipers, Fire Mages, Knights, Dragons, Dwarf Demolitionists … Collect them all!

  • SHOW YOUR TACTICAL SKILLS. Dragons to the center, and infantry forward as bait! The whole army of archers! Throw your enemies with bombs and crush them with a firestorm! Choose any tactics and go ahead.

  • PARTICIPATE IN MASSIVE BATTLES! The potential of your legion is unlimited. True massive battles: 10x10, 20x20, 50x50, HUNDREDS of your legionnaires against hundreds of enemies!

  • Conquer all Lands.

  • Discover every single merge combination!



Seller AppLife LimitedSize 120CategoryGamesCompatibility Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.Languages EnglishAge Rating 4+Copyright © This game has been developed by AppLifePrice free


Merge Legions